Xtreme FX harnesses the power of natural, plant-based ingredients to deliver Xtreme relief from daily issues like pain, anxiety, lack of sleep and more. The word PAIN stems from the Latin poena, meaning punishment or penalty.  For the 86 percent of Americans reporting some form of chronic pain, it sure feels like punishment.  Xtreme FX is designed to provide relief from:  Back pain, arthritis, migraines, bursitis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy – or any of the chronic aches & pains reported by more than 230 million Americans every day.
Xtreme FX PAIN combines 18 ALL-NATURAL ingredients to deliver a powerful relief in minutes.  Clinical studies demonstrate the anti-inflammatory effect of hemp-derived CBD, arnica, turmeric, and our other ingredients.  Choose your favorite application:
Each unit in our Xtreme FX family offers varying levels of active ingredients like CBD.  Find the one that works for you!

Gluten Free / Cruelty Free / Plant Based / No Artificial Colors / No Parabens / No Ethyl Alcohol / No Phenoxyethanol / No DEA / USA grown and extracted hemp